Here are some important marketing tips for selling beats on Twitter.

To sell your beats on Twitter you need three components:

  • Hot Beats
  • Twitter Followers
  • Powerful Beat Selling Offer

1. Hot Beats

I don’t want to spread on this topic here, but if you want free good sounds for your beats check our Free Downloads section.

2. Twitter Traffic

Well, there our problems begin. It is hard to gain Twitter followers quickly, especially if you just created your Twitter profile. You probably heard already something like, “post great content and followers will come”. They will not! Or not that fast, but I will try to help you at this point with several marketing tips ant tricks.

 How To Grow Twitter Followers Fast

There is one simple strategy. You follow many Twitter accounts of potential clients and they follow you back. Nice, but it is hard/impossible to do manually. Luckily, there are services like Manage Flitter to solve this problem. You can follow you competitor’s (other beat makers) followers and than unfollow those who didn’t follow you back.

There are free and Pro plans. I suggest you to start free and follow/unfollow small amount of people for the first two weeks, because Twitter don’t like super fast followers growth from new accounts. Than you can use paid plan (12$ month) and following up to 150 accounts and two weeks later up to 500 accounts without any consequences (that’s my personal experience).

Attracting Content

Of course, you need to post valuable ant attracting content to your audience beside your beats. For example funny pics about music industry.

PRODUCER HUSTLE SELLING BEATS ON TWITTERPeople will share these much more.

Post Schedule

It is smart to make several posts at once and send them later. You can make it with Manage Flitter too. This app will send tweets when your audience is online. Other popular app for this is Buffer.

Direct Messages

You can also send auto DM’s with Manage Flitter, but don’t spam artists with selling offers or “check my beat” statements. Best formula is to say “Your music is fire” or something similar and then ask a question. For example:  “what kind of beats do you like the most”. Then, when artist responds you can present yourself and start to communicate. This way your auto direct messages will look more natural and not spammy.

3. Powerful Beat Selling Offer

When you have a big number of followers you can make an irresistible offer. For example: 3 beats for price of 1, limited time offer. Pin your tweet to the top and wait for your money!

Remember, do not follow or unfollow more than 500 accounts per day. Because it can look suspicious for Twitter and your account can be banned.

Twitter Infographics

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